Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Blue June

A few days ago I checked my calendar, which I do daily .. realized it was ten years ago  since I walked away from a toxic marriage. Ten years ago I felt the need to evolve still at a young age and move on so I can feel free. Free from everything I felt that was holding me back from happiness. I never looked back..

June is the season for evolving. Everyday is a day to evolve. However June is a month that honestly isn't my favorite month. So I will positively express, June is a month to grow within. Almost every June a story transitions as a lesson. Either I find myself incognito from the world, or either taking time just being still. Not answering my phone, just alone in my thoughts. In my own world due to a disappointment or challenge that I fiercely had to face.

June is a month of healing and reality. A time for fasting and prayer. I've never been one to question God ,because I fear him. . I  just get tired, drained and feel overwhelm with the obstacles that are sometimes unexpected.  A few years ago in June, I almost lost my life in a car accident. My two daughters were in the car with me, by Gods grace we all survived. June is a month of testimonies.  When the month of May has ended, I normally become nervous on what is to take place. Now I just praise God in advance for his protection.

This past June I lost a good friend, funny how God works! Nothing happens on our time, but on his time. Funny also how you get closer to people at the most unexpected times. Those times equals memories, from conversations to different events that will always remind you how special those memories are! June.

Being Positive keeps your mind and muscles moving. Facing fears and turning it to freedom. Freedom turning into self control. It is all mental. The society we live in  now can drown us deep into our own depression. Some people have issues celebrating birthdays, or even holidays.  Or people like me, who once feared a month due to challenges. It is important to create a space to trust that God is in control, the days or months that we might fear in our lives only can either break us or mature our spiritual growth. Everything or anyone I have lost , only gained me acceptance and understanding.

The most important obstacle in life is turning your fears to testimonies.


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