Saturday, November 5, 2016

What It Really Is

Love is God
She will seek to be loved by him
God giving creation
After daily  Meditation
My past attempted to haunt me . .. and failed
No more temporary dedication
I've seen it all, experience the worse
She refuses to have anymore regrets and remorse
Save the apologies and fabricated exhausting lies
I rather seek the most high
So if you see her sipping her red wine.. Alone
Because  she refuses to settle for mediocre satisfaction 
She rather wait on God for the one who  brings mental and spiritual stimulation
That loves her from head to toe
refusing to ever let her go -


  1. We all embark on our journey to discover self...self image, self esteem and self love...Miya B. Has painted a vivid description of how that road has curves and bumps, stumbles and falls
    But ultimately guides us exactly where we needed to be. The Ever Eloquent - Miya Brown