Saturday, September 9, 2017


I find myself  day dreaming quite often.

I've always dreamed big, never in my eyes have  any of my dreams  seemed unrealistic. During my meditation recently, I thought to myself  "Dig deep.. what makes you unsatisfied? " I'm truly blessed with life. Two beautiful growing respectful daughters, water, energy, roof over my head. However yearning for more.  Completely numb many days..

Happiness, is simply ones perception of either their own  fantasy or reality. Year 1999 forever changed my life. I tend to daydream about my younger self. How innocent and naïve my mind was. Spiritually awakened yet hungry for love outside of  family.  Not driven at all however on my higher education. All I knew was  I wanted to be independent, in a big city, working doing what I love.  Which all came true over time.

Sometimes in life, you might find yourself stuck daydreaming on a year and a time. Understand God knew our decisions before we made them. Don't live your life in regret,  use your lessons and choices as your strength  .

- Peace and Light