Monday, August 29, 2011

Rolling Hills - There is power In The rolling hills, you’re a prize possession not everyone is worthy- Jill Scott

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Rolling Hills

Not everyone is passionate. I’m passionate wholeheartedly, with only certain things and people.  My life is full of daydreams,  prayer, and deep thoughts.  I’m a true fish. a true love of art,  desires, love ,  family, travel. An  Emotionally creature, who uses her past as a reflection of what is too be..
A lovely ending. A humble conclusion.  I fear only two things. Not being in a happy courtship with the king of  my needs. *needs not wants *  , and  my grandparents not living on earth to see their  great grandkids  as adults. I don’t fear my kids not growing into beautiful   citizens, because I gave them to God when they were born, and keep them spiritually feed.  I  stand firm on  my beliefs, I can hide my tears from rolling down my cheek, I can walk away without my heart bleeding too heavy. I can use my gift of discernment and   make better decisions. I can grow and be an example to my young children. Realizing and recognizing I’m not lost but I’ve found myself, and never looking back and becoming my “ old “ self.  Old self  defining not understanding  growth, yearning to be loved without seeking the Most High completely and fully first. Chasing dreams, and not organizing my future. Just going with the flow without a complete plan.  I slowly became this queen , that invests her time on true dreams, being a full time mother,  being this fresh breath of air, older but even more beautiful when I look in the mirror- flaws and all.

Take me as I am, and I will be just fine. I don’t like being misunderstood, but I also could care less if not everyone understands me, It wasn't meant for everyone to understand me, love me, or even remotely like me. I love me. I overcame the rolling hills.I am what I am, and that won’t ever change, for I am.. me.

Peace and love


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