Friday, September 2, 2011

Thank you Sista..

Thank   you  Sista ,  

Blessings everyone ..   At this moment its been over ten years since I rocked braids.  When   I lived in Atlanta, oh wow.. memories.   Thanks to my friend . Janelle  in new  York  who I’ve known since college, she always graced beauty and recently gave me tips on health food and recently  rockin  natural looks.
I have  a very  good length, thick hair not to fond  of  Rockin the natural look compared to my beautiful sister.  Braids is the best I can do ..J What really inspired me also is Solange Knowles, I saw  a summer picture of the queen with long beautiful braids, and decided to go ahead and get them. 

So thank you sistas!

 Peace and love kings and queens

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  1. First off I'm loooooving the braids!!!! Second, thank you sis for your awesome words of acknowledgement. I may not know everything but what I do know I love sharing with others. You have always exuded beauty and have such a warm spirit. I'm so happy you decided to rock these beautiful braids. In college you always wore them with impeccable style.