Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Order My Steps

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Peace and Love everyone!!!! Happy Fall. I pray all is well with you, I’ve been so focused on the DivaWhispers website, I haven’t even had time to sit and write to my intimate small yet loyal followers. I pray you are in peace, or trying to get peace In your life.

I’ve had a very productive few months, I’m still in awe that this year is almost over , yes in my book its almost oveRR. By the blink of an eye it will be December. Can’t believe how time flies. I’ve been really considering going back to visit  Chicago very soon, ( I was there in July ) And I have to visit my family in St. Louis, hopefully Christmas holiday like I usually do. I miss my extended family there.
I’ve been battling a few things in my life, that I need clear, fixed, dismissed for good, in my  life. We look at someone’s life and have no clue what their struggles are, details of their life and their goals. But I was given the confirmation just going to my church, when my pastor was speaking of going in a circle, round and round, seeing the same results. All by the choices we make. Its not fixed because we haven’t done anything about it. So I blame myself. I have gathered my thoughts, and searched within myself to rectify the issues that present itself in front of me.In order to do that, I Must be obedient, I must seek prayer guidance from the Most High, which Is Jesus Christ. I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me, which is one of my favorite scriptures.  So I Give it too him to order my steps, because if I Keep trying I will go round and round and with no success.
I expect my readers to do the same thing; Allow prayer and order guide you. Many of us are stubborn human beings, who make decisions and regret later. Who follow and not lead, who gain nothing but temporary satisfaction. Happiness is within, but it’s even more beautiful when you have gained true happiness by being obedient. Many of us have it all, and some of us don’t. Define All. What is all you desire? All of us feel we need more of “something”, when we have enough. Never judge anyone; everything is not always what it seems sometimes. This is why you focus on yourself and your flaws, instead of the next man. Get your steps ordered, and your happiness  fulfilled.-

Blessings MB

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