Tuesday, September 27, 2011



 Freddie or maybe Ms.Sanna Lathan, both ladies have played characters which I see myself in.. Freddie aka actress Cree Summer   who played Freddie on the classic hit show in the late  80’s early 90s Different World, directed by one of my mentors Debbie Allen. Ms. Lathan on Brown Sugar and movie Something New,  I’ve always been diverse and can adapt to just about anywhere with anyone, but most of all the older I get, and of course the finer I get hehe .. I see that I’m just a  person that loves culture. I love people. I love history, and I love understanding ones perspective on life, religion, culture, travels, education, even food. Interested in just knowing and learning.
I had the pleasure to spend time with one of my good close friends in Chicago, and what made me excited was her process of how she daily lives on exercise and eating. I was taught so much, and right now I do my best to serve my young queens that my friend shared with me, she loves to buy and make. Or my good friend from Ivory coast, which is part of West Africa, she shared with me the dance movements and music that they do out there, which amazed me that one body can move like that!! The food they cook, and the importance that education is not even an option but it’s mandatory, seriously not even a consideration but a must to get your degree. Not just in her culture, but most individuals I meet from overseas, are driven, and honestly way more aggressive to accomplish their goals in education not only in the United States but just about anywhere in the world.
 For me I’m influenced and motivated by those that are driven, and on my level, or beyond my level. I love to speak and understand a person that is from all walks of life. For the past four years of my life Ive understood, and studied people and their lifestyle, daily been involved and learning everyday, from eating food that I didn’t eat as a kid,  even being in a room where the language is different . I feel comfortable, never felt uncomfortable. 
What disappoints me the most that I have to accept everyone isn’t a “Freddie”. Or “Miya”.  Reality is people are so divided, uneducated  and only know from an experience of one person, or just listen to stereotypes. We hear stereotypes of African Americans, all not true. Some comedians even tell jokes about their own people, some being true some not. Everyone has a stereotype due to a repeated history of actions, that’s understandable. But never put one person in a box. Or assume something you don’t know, prejudice exist within one culture, which is so sad. Some people are clueless that their being prejudice. Clueless of history, clueless of details of someone’s culture. This is quite humorous for a person who even has their masters or doctorates degree. Get it together.
I’ve expressed a lot, without breaking down a story or conversation that I’ve experience so many times in my Life. But read, learn, understand then go out in the world. And understand this: we all are from somewhere else. – marinate on that.

Peace and love

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