Friday, October 14, 2011


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Good Morning My loyal followers : ) I have sooo much to express. I pray all is well with everyone. I'm well. I'm alive. I'm blessed.

Revelation on life has been fulfilling, quite bittersweet. Honest. Truth. I exhale with comfort, content. I'm walking swiftly, my heart is beating just right, my smile is bright, my eyes still slanted with love, my skin is still soft and brown. I'm this woman, woman of understanding of people. Understanding of actions, not disappointed or shocked.

 look at my life,  and you see survivor, integrity, respect. I know now, and really understand the heart can be wicked, the bible speaks on that. But its truth, I'm no saint, yet I am this wise creation, an outgoing yet complicated human being .I ask that everyone be careful who they allow in their world.I pray for the people who breath life with a wicked heart, who walk in this world clueless that their life is misery, due to how they treat people. Their heart is fake, the face is only an act of jealously, deceit, insecurity, hurt, pain, and manipulation. The saying is true " You are who you hang around with ". Be true to yourself, hang only with people who respect you, and like you. Love is a rare yet used most as if it is a common word, a common word that is only needed rarely , ya think?

I have gathered my thoughts, prayed on my experiences. Instead of going on a hiatus, I seek nothing but the best on everyone, and will grow from my life experiences. Every leader needs a follower, that's just how the world is . The president needs followers, to believe in him, and  support him, same as everyday people, they need followers. Leaders are leaders. Are you a follower or leader ? Being the person that came from leaders, raised by leaders, my mentality, my character defines a leader, I surround myself with leaders. I set apart from followers, I rather be amongst those followers only for business purposes, and associates. Supporters and followers are two different things. Strong willed, God fearing, Real, people who motivate you, always a good thing.. People always say friends come and go.. no no. People come and Go. Friends never go anywhere. Even if you don't speak everyday, the love never dies, the friendship only grows, through years and age.

Beware of the wicked : wicked spit on you, laugh with you,. drink with you, confide in you, act like they believe in you, talk behind your back consistently, lie to you in your face, will sleep with your man/woman, insecure, low self esteem, bitter, go to church, eat your food, attend your occasions, call you. Beware of the wicked : the wicked needs healing, deliverance, self love, happiness, good friends, a Prayer.

Always have peace and love the people who Hate you.

Peace and Love

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