Monday, October 31, 2011

Little things are big things

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How ungrateful  can we be? Very.   The little things that we have in life,we should count our blessings for. Like water.electricity. years the economy has been in a major crisis. For years America have been in war with other countries,And for years we all have been divided.I'm grateful for freedom of speech, Independence ,and overall opportunity.  I’ve never been a huge T.V. viewer, however like many people I have enjoyed watching “ reality tv”. Yeah reality , not so. More like an  Imaginary exaggerated scripted conflicted materialistic outlet that television has created to allow “regular hardworking folk” like us to feed into negativity  ( for the most part) of those that star in these shows. Quite entertaining, but sadden by how far we have NOT come. 
Little things are big things, maybe as a culture, and as people we can take our daily wants and selfish desires that we usually indulge on a daily basis, and be grateful for the things that we can do, the things we are even allowed to do. I ‘ve been the selfish human being, I've stopped in my tracks , to ponder on life lessons , how to be an example for my children. I ‘m still growing, to manifest to this person that gives, loves, and make sure I don’t take the little things for granted. The pure water I drink, reminds  me to say thank you, and I vision the child in my own country  and in others without water, or  unsanitary  water. Or the presence of my daughters, and I vision the mother or father without their children, due to being deceased, or may not even be able to have kids. Or my electricity, I say thank you, and vision  those without electricity, and people in some countries that suffer from not having any at times. Or even able to walk outside, and not see war right in front of my eyes.  
We live in a sick world, where everything is revolving not to teach, but seems as  though that we are relying on things and money to make us happy. Money is beautiful, being successful should be everyone's goal, but make sure you have value and inner peace. Humble heart, and giving spirit. Life is given to us, to appreciate. Appreciate every time we open our eyes.

Peace and love

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