Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Big Surprise

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I have anticipated and I'm glad to share that Young Soul is coming sooner than I dream.  I'm praying in the next year or so...Only God knows..But I had to share so many people have asked, and I couldn't hold it in. thanks for  the assistance and support/hard work from a few beautiful souls. I've been working quietly and sometimes procrastinate  at times,  for the past FIVE YEARS.

I'll keep you guys updated on details on my book, my blogs, and my future..

Keep me in prayer, I'm focused on my book than ever before, I'm  focused  on motivating people, and impacting kings and queens from all over. This is a trial that will also be time consuming, difficult, challenging, and successful. I claim it.

Peace and Love


  1. That is fantastic! Is it a novel or a combo of short stories? Claim it! Believe it!