Monday, October 31, 2011

Pride and Love

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Never mix.. Pride and Love. will always cause  friction, and an ending result of what if’s and an unsuccessful bonding. Many people stop talking due to pride, and stubbornness. Friends, Family members, significant others. Nothing is gained from this. But lost.
The beautiful thing about love, it provides us an opportunity to understand what it truly is. Love is God. Whatever spiritual guidance you claim to be, religious or not. Love is an act of kindness, loyalty, and respect. Most songs talk about, and most people want to feel it, to see it. Majority of ones happiness and anger is because of lack of. Women tend to build these tall walls due to not being loved right, or fear of being hurt. Men tend to disrespect women,  Or have  no knowledge of what is to love, due to upbringing or simply not being told on how to love. The conclusion on how to even love, is simply loving oneself. Which is way more important  before you can even attempt to fall for anyone else. Being prideful, arrogant, self centered, boastful, angry, bitter, and depressed all will lead all of us to the wrong direction, defining only a word none of us want to have . Loneliness.  I advised  being surrounded by those who can only bring  you happiness, and honesty. Respect your desires, share a commitment of truth and understanding.  Stray away from people who have a jealous spirit, a bitter past without a carefree resolution, and of course attempt to heal from what made them weary.
Family is the most important for all of us, even those who have lost family, or seem as though they have no family. Family can be dear friends, Even if you feel its impossible to move  forward from a lost, or haven’t spoken to a dear relative, its always good to stay in prayer and have a relationship of some kind with the most high, to move forward,  and love again. Pride and Love should be more defined as Love and  Happiness .

Peace and Love

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