Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Living Abundantly

Oh mercy mercy me….. ahh how I love that Marvin Gaye Song. It really defines the conditions of this world,at this moment. I have recognized and accepted the fact, that this world continues to struggle. People make the world go around. So much has changed, yet nothing has changed in so many aspects.
Which saddens me, however it  gives me more reason to teach my children about reality of life, how to give, how to educate themselves outside of school .to study  society, culture, and history of the world. Instill them to experience and travel the and have a better understanding not just what is taught to them , but allow them to witness with their own eyes. Live life abundantly.

I believe everyday we should try to experiment something  new in life. Be optimistic and quite curious on what the world has to offer. Even when it seems that your goals,desires is in a standstill- not moving, not going how you would like. Do something, or surround yourself with people that motivate you.  Either  if its trying a different food,  working a job that you never would imagine you would do, going to a place you never thought to visit. Volunteering somewhere that you always desired, or even taking a class to educate yourself more. The older I’m getting, I really understand that life is about preparing for the next  generation.  Being responsible for every action I do, being a mother is the hardest but the most important job. I love every minute of it. My life - there have been plenty of struggles, but plenty of highlights, success and happiness.
In life you live and make mistakes,  make sure to be accountable for actions, and deal with the consequences
.  Live life abundantly, so you can have a beautiful story to tell at the end –

Peace and love


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  1. I can see the mental and spiritual growth in your writiting Miya keep it up