Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I'll be 31 years young in a few months, the only change I feel at this moment is the way I perceive things in my life, how I handle people.My focus hasn't changed, The love I have in my heart hasn't changed. So many things I'm working on mentally, emotionally . I witness many people that are in fear of future, life, and possibilities. The best thing  in life you can do for yourself, is live life. You're not old, until you stop living. Living to uplift, change, love, become wiser, and  have a strong spiritual connection. 

Focusing on  becoming a better human being, growth is a beautiful transformation, there is never a limit to stop growing. Real things,  real issues, never should stop you from accomplishing all we desire. Wanting someone or needing someone special in life, only comes with time. Being alone, only allows you  to seek a closer connection to what is ahead of you. Actively, being attentive to what is best for you and only you.

Satisfaction should be a main goal  that you should truly try to achieve, to conclude your life on earth.  Satisfying others, will only bring a character of being misunderstood at times. Satisfy yourself, love yourself. Those standing after you have accomplished your mission, desires, are those who  love you unconditionally. Be careful on who you confide, seek, ask for guidance from. Say a prayer, I guarantee he won't misunderstand you, The most high knows you best.  - 

Peace and Love 


  1. Wow very powerful and true. Keep up the positive messages!

  2. Nice Miya. I joined. Blessings to you while you follow your dreams.

  3. It's important not to become jaded. I love this message! Over time my optimism and carefree spirit have been tested but I never stop being me. You can't. If not put on earth to experience love and life full of happiness, why be here at all. So many ppl lose sight of that and lead miserable lives full of hate. I just speak positivity for them, you can't let them crush you, because you never know what they've been through. Some have had more than they could bare.

  4. Love it, MB! Keep doing your thing and spread the positive energy!