Friday, November 11, 2011


Rebel : a person who resists any authority, control, 

 Complicated, random, and truth. I'm a rebel at heart, I do my best to control my mouth, really.....i do.

..  TRY to control my actions. Everyday is a prayer, that shining light that I see everyday I step out my home, the comfort of my family, the smiles of my daughters. The reality that human beings do whatever possible to cover up their struggles, they sometimes refuse to face their own reality. Healthy, but tragedy if not rectified. 

The Reality.. My reality is being positive, what gets everyone by. How you handle situations will determine a bad or good outcome.  I have recognized and realized the best way to handle a situation is -handle it. The best way to handle people is to two ways 1.) Smile and move on. 2.) have a face to face conversation. Either personally or professionally .There are millions.. billions of manipulative, conniving, and wicked human beings on earth.  There is nothing you can do about it, But stay away. Nothing you can change to make them go away, the character of one being identifies where there truly headed in their future. This only concludes Positive action by only you. We have all power on how we handle situations, what we say, how we act,  and how we carry ourselves. 

My heart, feels everything. My eyes see everything , I recognize someone before they can even recognize themselves. I sense if someone is an act, a show, or a movie. Any wise person like the person who reads this, will understand life is what we make it. Use your eyes wisely, use your heart carefully. Rebel against no one, and if you're a rebel at heart, rebel against only one person- that demon in confuse souls.  love everyone, smile always. 


Peace and Love