Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Skies Say Hello

Step outside, go for a walk, a drive,  look outside. I really believe the skies communicate with us. I'm fascinated with the sky. I feel Peace when I take the time to look up, especially before night falls. All my troubles go away.. for that moment. That one  moment, the trouble leaves. My fears go away.

It says hello, and God whispers I “Got this” . I really believe if we take the time out to have peace within us, we would make wiser decisions, have a more carefree spirit. Have an attitude that is simply full of happiness for everyone. Many times we tend to say we’re not worried about others, but we are. We strive to make others happy, by our own success. We want acknowledgement, we want someone to simply CARE.

The skies say hello, be in peace. Love what you do, love who you are. Find the few things that make you smile, when no one else is watching. Spiritually find your way, so you can have self-satisfaction. Cherish the people who truly love you.Take the time to shut out materialistic  things, and worldly activities that make people become something that only makes them unhappy and unsatisfied. Little things in our lives count...

For the blessings to come.

Peace and love 

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