Sunday, November 20, 2011

Growing Pains

Past, Present, Future. That's usually how it goes.Past- too learn from your mistakes. Present- to make more mistakes, but realize you never want to make them again. Future - To teach others what route you took, and try to make no more of the same mistakes . :) 

When I was a kid, I always dreamed about growing up and having my own, as a teenager, I dreamed about going off to college, at the time Howard University, when I became an adult I dreamed about the what ifs and how I could made better decisions. Now in my life, I see the individuals that I use to associate myself with, look back on the things I "use" to do, and things I "didn't" do( but should of ) and content on my Past. Present in my actions, and rectifying, and happy on what the future lies. Growing Pains, a time to recognize and learn. to experiment, to learn. To acknowledge your flaws and learn. 

Many of us, are doing the same thing we did  years ago, still hanging with the same people that have no benefit in our lives, still hoping and dreaming, wishing and believing without no action. In order to have faith, you need to believe. In order to believe you need to be willing to change. Change, only to recognize what is best for you. Bye to Past, Hope for Present, Fulfilled Growth in the Future. 

Peace and Love

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