Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason "The word 'intuition' comes from the Latin word 'intueri', which is often roughly translated as meaning 'to look inside'’ or 'to contemplate

Intuition, The gift we all have. but need to use more often. The best thing in life is the gifts that God blessed us with, using it is the option. We stay in relationships that are filled with pure drama and unhappiness because we choose too. Hoping and dreaming that "maybe" that everything will be better.I've witnessed that in my life, firsthand. prayer is powerful. and intuition is beautiful. Do what makes you content. Settling for less,only shows that you will settle for anything, not just an unhappy relationship, but a job that you really don't enjoy, Furthermore any future desires you might want to accomplish, due to just "settling". I personally use my intuition everyday, all day, especially these days . It helps me keep my mind focus, my sanity, it allows me to understand flesh is flesh, there is no way I can be shocked on the actions of anyone. I truly believe life is designed for us to experiment and "test"  relationships,not just intimate relationships, but  all types of relationships ( work, school, friends, family ) just for us to learn what we really deserve, lessons to learn from. The blessing about intuition is the outcome of doing what your intuition told you to do in the beginning. Trust me, it will be an answer to your prayers, an "exhale" moment, a breath of fresh air, a good night sleep, a story that you never had to share, you only heard it through someone else story, who didn't use their intuition. :)

Peace and Love


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