Saturday, December 24, 2011

Stronger Than You Thought

First you don't succeed, you try again. Right? that's how it should go at least, If you have the opportunity to read my blog, thank you! and thank God for allowing you to see another day, and soon-to-be another year!! I have gathered that all my mistakes, I learned from and has made me a better woman. I'm still learning, growing , and I'm open to new experiences. I'm stronger than I thought, a time during my weakest periods , I really lost myself emotionally , but physically and mentally prepared myself to defeat the challenges I faced, and won. Throughout the the past year I have shared my personal experiences, motivated individuals I personally have never met. I want to thank my readers from all over the world, also my followers on here,  for motivating ME to continue to write. 

Whatever desires you have, make it your passion. Whatever goals you have set in the brain,  make it your passion. Whatever dreams you dream, make it your passion.  the goals you didn't meet this year, make it your passion to meet them this coming year. Everyone, and I do believe when I say everyone has at least one "hater" allow them to influence you to continue to focus on your passion. 

All the ups and downs I've been through in the past 5 years, have been extremely challenging, and the best and worst years of my life. I overcame obstacles, that I never thought I could finish. It only made me stronger. I've learned to love better, became a better mother, daughter, and sister. I learned patience, strength. I can never change my spirit, my character. I'm really " what you see is what you get" . caring heart, sometimes people - pleaser, honest, outspoken, analytical, and just Miya. Never change for anyone, you can only better yourself, so you can become an example to someone else. Face your fears, and make it a topic of discussion, surround yourself with a small group of people that are on your level or successful doing their passion. Make yourself accountable of your actions. I have failed with many decisions that could of been rectified, and dealt with the  consequences.  But I'm woman enough to say it made me  Stronger than I thought. Let your life testimonies be " Stronger than you Thought" . 

All of us sometimes become weary,  but we made it. 

Happy New Year

Peace and Love 

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