Saturday, December 31, 2011

Spiritual Zombies

Dead, Not alive. Deaf from change, blinded by lies. Troubled  from the real truth.  I've always been very spiritual, I've always been vocal about my love for Jesus Christ. I've always revealed my struggles and my obstacles that have made me who I am, and I always express I'm only Human, I'm not an angel, saint, nun, or a fake. You know you have certain people that share their love for Christ like every single day(which by the way is great), they preach every single day,  and some that Judge also every single day, which also  by the way is NOT Christ like.  Judge and you will be judged.  A wise tongue doesn’t need to boast, but SHOW their love for Christ, people will see their growth and  loving spirit.

When one shares how good God is, that’s just what it is -doing without any regrets of expressing it. I mean, would you rather a person share their love for evil?? no thanks. I' ll stick with the Most High. The one that created earth, the Skies, trees, animals. The only ONE that wakes me up in the morning, guides my family  when I'm not in their presence. Protects my home, parents, friends, and even the beautiful strangers all over the world, even the Lost ones.I heard my Pastor say “ Spiritual Zombies” I defined that just like how I stated in the beginning of the blog  Dead, Not alive. In flesh, here on earth, but spiritually broken. I think many of us, including myself in one period in our  lives weren’t all  in  tune of daily getting closer to Christ, I however, never been  “Lost “ to where he doesn’t grab  me and shake me back to face my trials, and lean on him only for clear understanding. I can't say that I'm like how I Was 4 years ago, I would be lying, either you  move a step forward or backward. I've done both. But reality is I was moving back and forward just to keep going on the same path.

I still do things of flesh, I'm still working on my flaws, daily activities that are not titled as a  “perfect christian”, the reality -there is no “ perfect Christian” there are  only growing Christians, no one is perfect than the next person. No one is walking so tall that they can’t easily fall back down. But the fact is there billions of Spiritual zombies that need to be “ Spiritual Alive and Awaken” to say their spirit is more loving, their heart is  no longer suffering, the mind is clear and can except and learn different ways to live on this earth with a sense of knowledge of truth on the power of Prayer, and the million other things that were created for us to share with others.

Peace and Love


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