Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Does Your Body Ignore, What Your Mind Says

90% of the women I know, Beautiful and Single. 90% of the women I know. Are independent and 100% of women I know, all been hurt before.

Women make the world go round. Women are the strongest creatures on earth. Besides  lions, tigers and bears. .. We  have the mental and physical strength to endure a lot of pain.
 We have  the power for all choices we make with the opposite sex. Geesh .. being a woman is a lot of Work!! All we desire is a good mate. Stability in a relationship, Lots and lots of LOVE!! The main woman who expresses the opposite desires, usually the main one truly scorn. We fall so deeply infatuated with the physical attributes of a man, sometimes for sexual and “company “ desires, company meaning someone to talk to- good conversation nothing more nothing less , nothing serious we tell ourselves, no time for love, it’s just what it is a good friend. We fall so deep emotionally with a man and tell ourselves,  "He is the one, no question about it." .. and get hurt later on.
Statistics have stated, 70% of  African American women are single and 42% not married.  Personally I recognize there many women from all races single and not married. I believe African American women,  make choices at an early age, early twenties or even younger in their lives to be in the company of a man. In college or not, we love hard. We tend to try our hardest “ stick it out” with our significant other. Our focus is never fully on us. We ‘re either taking care of kids, that we had  along the way, or  trying to create a happy home, when reality is we’re trying to create something or someone  that is not for us.  This has lead for many African American women, to finally  become their own leader. Have an attitude that has been hurt before, tired, and stressed. Now all women not just Black women, have an” I can do it all by myself” attitude. It’s more like “ I have no time for BS, and don’t waste my time “ attitude.
God created a woman to be the loving wife, the caring mother, the person that holds her home together. Man and Woman are one. When we disrespect ourselves, our bodies as women we are accountable for that, we have the power in every relationship. We have allowed a man to control on the actions that are taken, when the truth is WE as WOMEN have the power to control the actions that SHOULD be taken. We make decisions who we marry,  to go on that date,  allow him in your home,  kiss you, hug you, call you, and love you. Women are Leaders in their own right.
 Abusive relationships, verbal relationships, even cheating relationships, as women we see the signs way before it gets ugly, we have women intuition, we ignore it due to being emotional and very blinded by what we think is love. Sometimes we don’t see the signs until years later, but we have the power to leave something so wrong, so unhealthy, so not for us.
I’ve met women who totally use their body for fulfillment of sex only all the time , with different partners, and no stable relationship, and their OK with this. People always say every woman is not made to be in a relationship. That’s a total lie in my ears, for the simple fact it goes back in time how and why we were created. The woman who does that is a true lost soul, and is yearning for someone, in need of something to make her live. Live independently, live freely.To make independent and wise decisions, to love herself wholeheartedly, love her mind, body and spirit, for she is beautiful. She’s a prize possession.

A true Queen.
Judge not, we all have failed in being destined to becoming a true virtuous woman

Peace and Love –  ALL my Queens


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