Monday, April 2, 2012


Sorry readers!! I know I know what took me so long to write a new blog .. I had writers block, usually when I write, 90 percent of the time, Its heavy on my mind, sometimes Its all of a sudden "thoughts" and I just start writing , it depends, but this time.. I was thinking " Ive shared all my thoughts, opinions, aspirations in my blogs, what's left to express?"

 Some blogs that are shared  online from writers, are daily entertainment, activities, etc.. I always want my blogs specifically be what I truly want to share !! I can be at home, at dinner, in the shower and then so many things run through my mind... this time I was blocked with words and feelings.

I pray all is well with everyone, music is the key that helps me do my thing, I had to play Kanye West Through The Wire. yessss enjoy :)
I had a nice spa day about a month ago, I was lucky to get a great massage  from a very God-fearing woman, most likely in her mid or late 50's. Right when she saw me she embraced me with a very gentle kind spirit. During my massage, she quickly noticed how stress I was. She said something that I will never forget. " Ms. Brown, you know worrying is a sin. ". I laid there and was thinking wow this is true!!!! Not wanting to go into detail on my personal life, I did tell her I was just trying to put some things in my life in perspective, and handling some "stuff" in my life .She told me " I don't know you but you seem to have a beautiful spirit trust God and don't worry".
I left there, understanding she was just being sincere, and worrying truly doesn't get you far, what I also understand that things take time, and maybe not on our watch.The amazing thing about life, is that we can always start over, and make things better for our own sake, for our sanity! Let it flow. Peace of mind depends upon strength of mind.
Staying calm through the storm , will make you not only stronger, but immediately you understand that there is someone bigger than YOU. I believe people fail to realize, and sometimes doubt how powerful the most high is, without him I will completely  lose my mind. That's the only reason I'm still standing. I've never doubt that he wasn't fully in control, I have failed many times to do things my way, and being stubborn saying" I got this". When reality is.. I had nothing. What I've gathered we all need to exercise our grace, or Satan will exercise our corruption.- that's Real 

Peace and Love 

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