Monday, March 19, 2012

Every Woman Wants A Man That ...

Every woman wants a man that is good to her ..for her.
I believe every woman deserves that one man that is crazy over her, loves when she walks in a room, when  her presence is not near him he feels apart of him is gone, when she speaks. he listens. You hear love stories, we've all seen that one love story movie, that ends with bliss and happy endings. Some never dream as a young girl to get married , or even have kids, others do.But at the end of the day a woman truly wants the companionship of someone who just.. really cares.

I've shared in a few of my blogs, how many of us have feared  "love"  due to a  bitter past, love lost, difficult relationships, or even upbringing. Searching for Mr. Wrong is never the goal, yet we use that for our comfort. Fact is, sometimes we don't even know what we want, or insecure on what we know we actually deserve. Mr. Right is always the man at the end of the day, that will have happiness and true love, the one person you purposely treated like he was nothing but another man on the street. Mr Right is the one person, you never had any thoughts of taking seriously, knowing he was a good man, respectful, easy to talk to, caring, attentive, fun, educated, and goal - oriented.

Mr. Right is now laughing at you.

Every person deserves that one individual ,whom you will never have to question motives, respects you wholeheartedly, and would never leave your side. Prayer is powerful, and Real Love conquers all.

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