Thursday, March 8, 2012


Finding the right song for this particular blog didn't take me long at all.. one of my favorite artist Amel , - amazing. Her music expresses what I personally feel, all of her lyrics she writes on her own -simply magnificent.

Patience is a test. A TEST- for your mind, mentally. Patience is waiting without worrying, Patience strengthens the spirit, sweetens the temper, subdues the pride, and bridles the tongue. Patience is something I try not to get weary of. I need to use, I need to gain it,  I am.

We all fear something, we're all wanting something. But the bible reads " fear no man but God." it also reminds us " patience is a virtue".  Young or old, we want to make sure we get what we want! Only flesh would be that selfish in spirit at times, to be so inpatient.  Truth is learning that it's not all about us at times, will remind us that we have no authority on when things in life happen. Either it be, waiting on financial gain, success, a wife/ husband, a house, in school for higher education. Reality is you have to keep doing what you're doing to reach the goal. Shortcuts are fantasies that can happen but always ends with a sad shoulda -coulda ending.  Maintaining a focus mind, manifesting to become whatever you're wanting to BE, or achieve will allow you to learn what patience is. Challenging storms, difficult roads, unfortunate situations, all are suppose to happen in life. Life is not all fun, happiness, and a smile. It takes a strong individual to conquer all the downfalls to get what they really want, which is .. satisfaction. One that is satisfied will understand it takes alot of patience, and be complete once they have recognize that true fulfillment  takes plenty of guidance, discipline and not ALWAYS getting what they want.. its Life. be content.

Peace and Love

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