Monday, February 27, 2012


 I like fire, I like ice 
I can cut you like a knife 
But I'd rather be nice 
I'm a woman 

So don't push and don't shove 
What you want there's plenty of 
I was born to make love 
I'm a woman - Minnie Riperton 

Beauty defines a Woman. A woman should define Beauty inside and out, the way we walk, talk, smile, touch,  move. Emotionally designed to fall in love, and be in love, and fall out of love. How  beautiful is that? :)

When a woman is in love, it's like walking blind, even if the path is smooth sailing, we're deaf to others, and blinded by LOVE. so sweet right.. those tumbling blocks ,we get right back up after FALLING from Love.. that's usually how it goes.  Using our pains, heartaches, past to better ourselves for our "next " relationship, that we say " we won't take seriously. " Its a beautiful thing however, when we find the person that makes us feel special, feel whole, appreciated, loved, and completely  crazy over you  in a very good way. It's a special time, when  our daily lives consist of being content with that one person. No one else, just you and that One person. ..Woman are natural caretakers, we love wholeheartedly, when we see our match, we do our best to satisfy. that's usually how it happens.

The lessons learned in being a woman, is being more careful, more wiser. Taking steps so we don't end up hurt. The best way to feel complete as a woman is loving and trusting yourself. Once we trust and love ourselves fully, accomplishing longevity of just being with the "right " person, and happy, will come in due time. Patience is a virtue, but it's quite amazing when we have the most high on our side, spiritually depending on him for any closure  from a rocky past, besides the tears from our pillows we've all used at night, when things aren't going right... the beauty of it all, is being a woman. Getting back up and starting over, with a healthy mind, and great opportunities. Understanding Love is God. Love will come.

Peace and Love


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