Wednesday, May 2, 2012


You know we hear stories all the time,we see it on television , we read about it, we 've witnessed it,  have even experienced it, the ending of something that we hoped would last. Remember your first love? Remember what it really "felt" like?? Awesome right . Remember how it ended? terrible, or those who have  even married and divorced, when you walked down that aisle, and all the years of dating, loving, being strong, dreaming of a beautiful future, that ended with misunderstanding, hidden truths, lies, or even just simply grew to learn that they weren't the one for you.

Life is simply unexpected. that is the conclusion.We all plan, and set forth to do whatever we can to accomplish whatever we desire. We fall in and out of love. We get degrees while in college, and do something totally opposite once we go out in the "real world". We grow apart from friends, we never would imagine would not be present  in our lives. Fact remains, life is unexpected. The only thing we can expect is the fact we never really know how the ending will be, we have no control, power on what will be. We only can hope for the best, strive for the best, and learn from what we didn't believe might happen. When I contemplate on my life, I can say the things that happen in my past, only made me a stronger person. It allowed me to understand that things happen, people change. love is truly a used word, that only needs to be used very rare.  Love very is powerful, and when there is pain involved in a relationship, it's not love. I've recognized that some people come in your life, only for an experience. That jealousy is more common then I assumed. Hate is more easily consumed, and being a friend is a kind remarkable and careful thing to choose to be.

When we're young, we live life sometimes not making plans for the future, living life day by day, not always goal -oriented at times, and a tad indecisive . The older you get, you come to terms that life is what it truly is. .. unexpected.  Pray, Live right,  have a kind heart. And what is unexpected will be your true testimony

Peace and Love


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