Monday, May 28, 2012


Recently I was forward a beautiful picture of both my grandparents back in Chicago, holding hands attending my grandfathers 84th luncheon, and I thought to myself " how beautiful" . I automatically thought about my life, and where I want to be  30 years from now, blissful in love with my significant other, best friend, husband. I think anyone who has hopes and aspirations of being in a strong relationship, companionship wishes only for the best.

The thought of being in a relationship that's filled with miscommunication, misunderstandings, inconsistency, doubts, frustrations, untrustworthy, no foundation, or true friendship but only sexual connections will come to an end. I think for a woman, we're naturally emotional people, thinking logically when it is a matter of serious decision making in our lives. Who wants to be single for the rest of their life?? Of course their are millions of beautiful single men and women, who are terribly exhausted and have tried times and times again to see where love takes them, who threw in the towel and happily, independently  made or was forced to make the decision to just be free and single.  I've come to conclusion without taking care of yourself, and truly being in love with oneself, you cannot handle a heartbreak, and will continue to grow weak from someone you thought loved you. Giving your all in a relationship, and getting half in return, should  make one take a step back on where the path is heading.

You have people who have been in several relationships, or have dated many people in their life and still no true happiness or stability. The reason being is being open to what they believe love takes them, love can't take you anywhere if you haven't focused on yourself first.Same for people who stay in a relationship with the same person for many years, and the significant other has the cycle of bringing unhappiness in the home. Same thing!  Even if you have focused on all your personal goals, and still dead end relationships, their just NOT the One for YOU. sometimes its good to look back in a relationship and the steps you guys went through, how long did it take for you to become intimate? at times that doesn't even matter believe it or not! Ive heard differently wait 90 days  etc etc.. ladies : IF a man likes you, HE LIKES YOU. Its that simple. it could be the time you guys spent, never give a guy all of you when you FIRST date. Or it could be going great, and things just don't work out, that's life.Never disappoint yourself , YOU come first. your Heart needs fulfillment . No tears over and over again.

For  a Christian who reads this, Love is Christ, How is Christ?? GIVING, ATTENTIVE, ALWAYS THERE, LOYAL, never question if hes there. that's the beautiful thing about love at the end of the day we can go back and understand if that person didn't love you at least how Christ does, he/she is not the ONE.  No one loves us like Christ, however,  the attributes and characteristics of their heart can determine if  its unconditional and real. As human beings we're nothing but flesh, with plenty of emotions and designed to make mistakes. Its part of life. That's the beautiful thing, finding a person that will love you the best way they know how, unconditionally. Beautiful.

Peace and Love

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