Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oneself, a poem

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This has happen quite often, finding oneself . by himself. I'm not sure what God sometimes try to express , completely clueless.Wanting the love from a significant other to love one fully, everyday. Which seems like impossible. It always concludes of  a bottle half filled.

Dark nights, quiet moments. Fears, procrastination, loneliness in some aspect. Details of someone wanting to understand why it turns out like this .Clueless of the facts that are hidden somewhere. Beneath it all, he sheds a tear. Trying to gather life's understandings, destination of only a dream that is full of light, blue skies, and contentment.

Just standing. Praying. All gifts exhausted, and days of giving up. Weeks of doubt, and weeks of  trying to never giving up.Only wanting to be completely understood, surrounded by those who care for him. Full of life, laughs, adventure and not one day of a bore. Going through the hills, mountains, trails and tribulations, but still not completely satisfied --- still going "through " the hills and mountains.

Desire of a family, growth of a womb for her, beaches, sand and smiles. Success, humbleness, being united - She and I against the world. But still Spreading love, Christ- filled centered home. Youthful smiles, embracing what life has to offer, plane rides, big buildings, gated home, art, music,  and conversation.

Finding himself. by himself.  He wakes up.

Peace and Love


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