Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Life is short. Or is it? Life gives us enough time to live our destiny, lead by example and conquer all fears. Life gives us enough time to do what we want, but more importantly gives us time to do what is needed.

Sometimes Life doesn’t. Young children that pass away at a very earlier age, you would think that they should live on earth way longer, but it doesn’t happen often this way. I have contemplated, and gathered my thoughts. I truly believe we ‘re only put on this earth to shine a light on others. Especially those who die young, their purpose was just to shine that special light.

Even those who don’ t see old age, I believe there is a reason for everything we do in life.
Life is controlled by the most high, and the situations that occur that can be heartbroken is a lesson for those still alive on earth. Reminding us. That earth is of flesh, and things will happen that are not always happy moments, and happy endings. Trust in him, and know who God is and the ending results will not be a deep sorrow or turmoil.

The people that have came in and out my life, the many faces I have had the pleasure to know, I am attached to a human being that serves and loves everyone around them.

I’m in awe of a beautiful being that defines leadership, is active in their community and loves their family. I truly believe a person like this is made for heaven, and is simply an angel walking. Makes me whole, and makes everyone around them just to do better in life. I will never forget the few people in my life that I wholeheartedly adore, admire and respect. -

I pray God uses me to become this Godly woman that leads by example every day of my life. I pray that he continues to use me so I am that virtuous woman and wife. What I seek most above all, that I lead people to Christ and I am blessed with a Godly nurturing and gentle husband that motivates me to do what is needed while I’m on this earth. What he does only discipline, obedience can bring. What he does, makes everyday seem like spring. Understanding all that he is worth. Making sure our time is precious on this earth. Loving unconditionally, mentally and emotionally. What he does.. rare men can do. For this I say Thank you. –

Peace and love MB

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