Sunday, September 9, 2012


Fact is. I really Don't have the energy to be sad, upset, or worried. about anything. I have exhausted all those emotions that people feel. the only emotion I have is curiosity,happiness, excitement. People desire so much from one person, that may not even be right for them.Without focusing on themselves first.

I have shared this so many times in most of my blogs, Never give up on finding love, wanting to be truly admired and desired by someone who loves all your flaws and all.  If  they cant take you for who you are, they don't deserve you. If you have standards,and refuse to settle for less, it will make relationships easier.Conflicts will not become a daily issue.Tough times do occur being a woman especially when failed relationships seems like it's a never ending story- love lost, no fairy-tale future with the man of your dreams. Make sure he is the man of your Prayers, not your Dreams!

I have concluded, working on self is the answer, and always will be. Focusing on what God wants for you, instead of what you want for yourself, makes life more smoother. If a man loves you, he will respect you. If a man loves you, he will show you everyday, If a man loves you he will cater to you, If a man loves you, he will pray with you, If a man loves you he will tell you, If a man loves you, he will put you second before God, If a man loves you he will always be honest, and make sure that he lifts you up. If a  man truly loves you he will never disrespect who you are as woman. Ever. 

If a woman loves you, she will make sure she respects you. Make sure you have all you need at home, will show loyalty, comfort you in the time of need, and understand she can never change who you are! We hear stories in this time of age, that it is very rare these days to find someone who truly adores you. I disagree, everyone has their time, everything happens for a reason in your life. If you're single, it's a blessing to only focus on yourself and love the people already in your life. Those that are in a unhappy marriage, or relationship do what makes you happy. Use your intuition to make better decisions for your mind, body and soul. Understand not everyone has standards, and self respect, not everyone loves themselves wholeheartedly so they "stick" around and live life miserable and no fulfillment in their life. Be Happy!!!!!!!

Life is too short. Make life on earth lessons learned, but most importantly an experience and happy ending. - 


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