Thursday, October 18, 2012


My desires
My prayers
To share my love with the king that was built for me.
No time or energy to jive me with lies
I need someone with the winning prize
Full of complicity, honor and respect
Teach me what I might not know or understand
Lead me your direction
Take my hand

Wholeheartedly just be a real Man
Love me for me
and not just part-time but full-time
Full of commitment, loyalty, and dignity
Doesn't try to change but
Enlightens me with his intellect
Full of warmth and spiritual guidance
Prays not only at night
But first thing in the morning

Provider, protector, and hard worker
Not wanting to suffer but  focus on successful goals
His main focus is us being whole

Expresses his thoughts clearly and his vision is real
True love is what he only prays for
A queen is what he desires
When he looks at me I'm the only one he admires

Miya Brown

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