Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coming Out of Your Comfort Zone

Let me share my testimony  ( unedited ):

God will literally break you down where you have nothing. nothing at all. I have held on this baggage from my past where it has not allowed me to grow. Nor has it allowed me to maintain full stability mentally, or emotionally. When you hold onto baggage in your life, your blessing will not flourish.  (Even if you're not considered religious.) Spiritual guidance must be in order for you to be freed from your past. There was a point in my life years ago  I had  nothing at all. I had left behind a life that I thought was financially making me happy, living a life most twenty year olds wish they could live!  My two daughters and I were sleeping in my car for a brief time, I was too prideful to reach out to close friends and family. I found myself connecting with someone  who became a blessing at the time in my life. All the trials and tribulations in my life have been because of refusal to commit myself  to fully  lean on and trust the Most High. Sometimes we truly believe we can take care of ourselves mentally.. in reality we cannot do it by ourselves, we need to be guided the right direction. I've been on my own since I was nineteen  years old. Always, independent, working taking care of my family, but at times struggling to take care of them.

The stubbornness comes from nothing but the devil. My upbringing consist of  loving christian educated parents, my legacy consist of well known individuals who all are successful. So I asked myself why Lord had my life turned into something that was not really destined for me. Clearly because of holding onto baggage and not letting go!!!! I have many successful friends from all over the world, my parents are prime example. I have seen all the desires of Man. Money has not ever made me something I'm not, I grew up having all I wanted, and even as a young adult saw the fine things in life. I was raised by a real man, a caring father who showed  my sister and I how to be treated. From traveling, fine dining, and all the desires of any young girl .I still was stuck on why  my own personal growth financially, and physically  was not  being fulfilled??.Still holding on to baggage from my past. Being hurt by people throughout my adult life from men and women. Those I thought " loved "  me , friends I "thought" considered themselves good friends. Let me express to you without fully letting go on what the devil wants you to hold on to, you will not be blessed.

Coming out of your comfort zone in life, will make you stronger. It will allow you to release all negative energy that has been "stuck" in your soul for years. I have been through hell and back. A failed unhealthy very abusive marriage, without work, and without some of the necessities that life offers. I ask you live your life humbly, live your life full of love. I have always been humble, and full of positivity. But without full attention on myself, and what has held me down, growth will not come. You can have all the desires of the world. Money, clothes, cars, anything that you consider that makes you happy. But it is a fact that without true happiness and cleansing from your past, cleansing of your soul you will stay in your own comfort zone, that does not allow you to achieve all your blessings. Let Go and Let God

Peace and Love,


  1. Queen you are an absolutely amazing mother, friend, daughter, & a blessing to all who know you. I am so proud of you, who you are & where you came from! I know that your book will be a huge success as the Lord guides you on your journey. Thank you for always being the angel that you are. Love you Queen!!!

  2. Loved reading your testimony.. very touching to me and achieving happiness as you clearly stated UP TO YOU for YOU!