Saturday, May 11, 2013


The Revelation on your life is how it ends. Everything is based on the outcome of your trials, storms, highs and lows.Life is beautiful. The perception on how you identify yourself, will conclude the result of either a happy or sad ending.

 All of my experiences have made me yet stronger than I was a year before. Losing, gaining, loving, hating. Oppression, depression, sadness, emptiness, deliverance, repentance have all played a part of my current life challenges. Fascinated on how in awe God has built me to be this being of what a woman is. loved or hated, I have fallen in love with myself in all way possible.

Lacking responsibility of our actions will determine how our lives will go. You meet people throughout your path in life, its amazing the impact another human being can have in your life. Its rather crazy how people can emotionally at times impact your life. Mentally challenge your own character. I have concluded that the beautiful thing about life, is how strong we all are. All the different evil or kind spirits,people,circumstances, situations can either make you or break you. Understand that you reign as high as you perceive yourself to reign. Throughout life you will experience pains in your heart, downfalls and great accomplishments. The most important part of living on this earth in my eyes; not losing your focus, regaining your strength when no one is around and you feel like you have none.You have to stay completely grounded, sustaining your ability to achieve all you pray and cry for. Having close family and friends that can support you through your life journey.

Defeat  anything you once thought you could not defeat!!! From me to you, Never give up



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