Thursday, September 5, 2013


 When you have conquered all the things that can tear you down, completely surrendered to God allowing him to intervene in your daily ways of living, you find out how weak the enemy is. The enemy can be something you use to desire, or  it could be someone.

 I've been tested  throughout my life, yet the place I'm at in my life, really shows the power of God. I have allowed him to take control over my tongue and my actions. Have you ever been in a place in your life, where things are going well, and than you feel attacked spiritually ? That is God harvesting you so you can continue seeking him first. It is a TEST. do not FAIL this test, because if you FAIL, you have to start your journey over.

Harvesting is just a definition of true growth. Its after you have defeated  the enemy, you've been attacked and came out of the tough fight. Harvesting is the conclusion of a story you have probably shared times and times again, and finally see the results by being obedient.

I believe that as a growing Christian, and I say "growing" because I am harvesting daily ! I'm receiving all my abundant blessings because God has tested me and I keep passing! I keep being tested of course . Yes, I actually grew up in the church. Yes, I was born into the word of God. It is NOT RARE. however I do recognize I am grateful for my parents, grandparents, for instilling me in the Word. However I'm just now really focusing on my harvest. The truth is, the most profound Christians, and leaders of the church did not grow up in the word of God, most of them didn't just instantly start speaking the gospel to people. Which makes them outstanding leaders of the church. I would express this blog might not  be for everyone, but it is! I know thousands of my readers are not Christians, or believe in the God I serve. Let me enlighten you; in order for you to harvest and see the blessings upon you , please understand a few things:

The first thing is understand that we live in a selfish world, the "world" does not LOVE you.The second thing; there is a HIGHER  POWER who created earth. The third thing; there are things in the world that are made for you to FAIL.In order for you to grow and receive all the things that are meant for you to receive, you will be attacked by the enemy it could be a family member, a best friend, a stranger, a drug, any type of addiction, a disease, the nice person who smiles at you at work, school, even at church .Whomever whatever it is, if you're not obedient and seek help you will find yourself in a deep dark place you cannot  get yourself out of.

I ask that you let go of certain things or people, learn how to forgive those who might have hurt you.Understand the flesh will lie, spit on you, try to destroy your name and character - you have no control over that. But what you do have control over is how you will overcome . Allow yourself to walk in another dimension in your life.Harvest.

peace and love

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  1. I have spent some time early this morning reading so many of the posts.. and plan to read all of them.. Each one is so meaningful.. I love your take on the many important subjects. I can see that you give so much and Unconditionally.. thanks so much and I look forward to many more great reads.