Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I love that people try to figure me out, sometimes I can be very transparent and often times I'm a mystery, trying to fade off the love for zodiac signs, however I do think its the Pisces In me :) Only time that I open up about my personally life minus the deep conversations with close friends or  family is really through my blogs :)

Sex is a topic I believe people try not to talk about unless its behind close doors. I believe that people have used sex as a very  "casual" encounter, no intimate or fascination about it. When Indeed it is, sex should be a beautiful encounter between two people.I'm going to be honest, when you're in a peaceful discipline place in your life your needs and concerns are so much in order, you know you only deserve and want the best for yourself. I've witnessed and also experienced things that I wish never happen, I also come to an conclusion that being a woman defines power in many ways..

I wish that people would not rush Sex. I've had many conversations in the past  months about the need for sex, and let me remind you we live in a society that sex is so casual than ever before!Being  responsible is not even part of their lifestyle.Now that I have a preteen, not only is she beautiful, and smart but my protection over her is strong as it ever has been. Being an example to both of my two daughters is my main goal. I have a great relationship with their father now, I  am happily single, and focused on so many things that the excitement of my future I cant even begin to express.

I feel that alot of women ages twenty six and up; have totally lost the power of control. NO,I am not a saint nor have I ever claim to be, nor am I one to judge. However recent events have sparked my concern and attention for my beautiful queens. I think there is a time in your life that we all want to have fun and not be responsible on what is in front of us, understood. I've enjoyed life, I still Live life. But just more responsible. I've never  been so distracted by the lust of the opposite sex, to where I fall. Never. I notice people who think they know someone assume without knowing details of another person personal business. The fact is,  the best thing to do is not give something for people to talk about ! Either way,people tend to gossip.Character is everything. I'm talking about sexual activity with numerous people. The episodes after an encounter of lust sometimes can  lead to  rumors, embarrassment, and damaged reputation. I'm speaking about the people who urge for something for just that  moment. How long have you gone without having Sex? How long can you? over a year?  I was speaking to a few men, from ages  twenty six to forty four years of age, One was married and cheats on his wife occasionally, and the others single and  not looking for commitment. I believe that women have made it easy for men, not the women with morals, and self respect. But the women that make it hard on "good " women. Its been like that for years ! Whats the definition of a good women?? simply..  a lady . I think at times women become vulnerable after a bad relationships , and have this "i dont care" attitude , (Ive been this way before.)They tell themselves , they will have fun without commitment and have a sex partner with no care in their  world, when the reality is, emotional most women cant handle that. Because after you're intimate with a Man, everything changes. Feelings get hurt, and youre back at being angry with men.

The fact is men are strong but very weak at times, mentally,  cannot control themselves; which controls the physical! yup! Biblical Speaking : man needs woman.and vice versa.Genesis 2:21-23 the Lord God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man, and brought her to the man. The man said, "This is now bone of my bones, And flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of Man. "  It is my  belief that acting like a lady will define how a man treats a woman. The world we live in now- welp..  the respect  is an all time downfall. We had the eighties and nineties,but its a whole different new time and age of interacting with someone, the new ways of technology, social media, anything that can focus on the materialistic ways of what a woman should be has brainwashed all young women all over the world.

The virtuous women is somewhere either praying, hoping ,dreaming or enjoying  life and not expecting anything from a man anymore due to the continue habits alot of women have today. The discipline man is doing the same. Of course we have the man thirty and up, fear of settling down, so caught up with money and his career, or one that just have no idea on how to be with one woman. We could use the common statistic growing up fatherless,not all but many! Honestly it should come a time in life where maturity needs to fall in place, and learn how to control your body. Lusting for half of your life on earth, only defines fear in my eyes. I believe in commitment, honesty and being wise on whom you choose to be sexually intimate with. I've made a few mistakes in my life, we all have ! But the mistakes only make who I am today. The sexually diseases and the irresponsibility of people not protecting themselves when having sex, is even more of a scary thought.According to Avert.org, 1.3 million people are living with HIV in the United States of America, with a fifth unaware of their status. I'm careful, and furthermore I want my daughters to wear their crown high when they get older .

 I love the beauty of a man and a woman. I love to see beautiful people happy and being together. But overall being in peace and loving the skin youre in, only makes you more cautious who you give your COOKIES Too :)

Peace and Love


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