Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Reaching Heights


Discipline is the word I will use for my challenging, growing unique year. The year is GONE. 2013 is GONE!!! I have been on a very beautiful journey for three hundred sixty-five days straight. All my past blogs this year said the same thing; involving growth. all aspects of growth. All levels to growing.

 The fact remains that as we make the decision to grow, and become discipline everything you dream of come together. I've been misunderstood, I've been told things that are not accurate, I've also been told many things; and never listen. I only listen to those who have my best interest and are sincere. I believe as people we tend to really listen to those who don't have our best interest. I believe we're judged to soon from people who don't even  know us.. REALLY KNOW US, secretly despising us.
 I believe we try to impress people when no one really cares. Naturally, I am a person that of course love people. I've always been outgoing, yet love my privacy. I did learn this year, how incredibly shy I can be in a certain atmosphere . This year I 've observed  and encountered people who do anything for just a little attention, who have this fear of not being loved. This year I've observed how quick people lie without thinking before they speak. I love discovering the soul of one person. I love gathering and making confirmation why people act the way they do. I admire those who find themselves lost in the world, yet find themselves spiritually evolving. Now, honestly none of what I just expressed is towards my personal situations, just overall what I have witness and educated myself on.

Reaching Heights. Action is the up most respect I have for one person. Without Action you have no defense. Recognizing that human beings are in awe of what they see with their own eyes. Fascinated on money, and materialistic things of life. concludes how backwards we can be, and follow without leading. Quite frankly I have also concluded how weak human beings are. How weak we can be when something or someone has what really doesn't fulfill them; I learned this from social media, and even when people speak. Reaching heights is what we all need to do. Putting things in perspective, be goal- oriented, discipline on our dreams and act towards them in a humble quiet matter.

I've received many emails since September why I haven't wrote a recent blog.. I wanted to take time to reflect, and focus on my own personal goals. I love that my readers enjoy my topics on Love. For those who are in need of being loved, I ask you to put God first in all you do, for he loved you before Man. My life testimonies are to inspire you. I have loved and been hated, but my heart is pure. My life is real. Excited for what is in store for all of us. Reach your heights, respect your mind, be a leader.


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