Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Be YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! never ever think we're Born perfect .ha! NONE of us are. none of us are born perfect, never making bad choices, always making right decisions. Always have our things in order financially, and our career has always been at the top . If you ever meet someone like that I would love to meet them.

 I've NEVER ever been one that has a JEALOUS heart, eager for attention, thirst for companionship, in need of a friend. my mother, bless her heart.. is a woman who sat down and taught me every single thing about character and behavior. Yes this is a confident blog, this is an empowerment blog. A Brutal honest expressions of truth on Miya. I'm very grateful for a mother who prayed for me when I was "wilding" out, having fun in life, from going through a nasty divorce, first hand being there from life personal trials I went through in my life.( miscarriage, divorce, depression, etc.. ) My mother was on her knees in heavy pray every single night. I've thanked her so much for praying for me when I was at my weakest times in my life. I've failed so many times and made so many mistakes in  my life.

For the past year I've disciplined myself with walking a straight line, not even trying anymore. Just letting go.. letting GOD. Just acting on it  This last year I was in a very  dark place. I got on my knees to pray, I put everything and everyone out of the equation and found peace. I've always been a very confident and honest individual. I've always been a visionary, a winner in my own right. Never wanting to discourage anyone. But love and support anyone, even strangers who are doing what they love.. .just ask .. if you know me they will  tell you!

 Being flawless is how we perceive ourselves. If we wake up with a mindset of worry, fear, and not feeling beautiful within we will have this mental thought we're not good enough. well.. let me use this as a Message:  not just to woman. Men as well feel this way! The difference between a man and a woman, men will use his insecurities by either talking down about the opposite sex, society, and boast on what he doesn't really have . A woman will do the same thing, but use her outer appearance to gain attention for the wrong reasons.

BE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! be flawless. Be different. 2014 Do something you've never done. Successfully accomplish something that you haven't even made a priority but only something you dream at night but never speak or do it. DO IT. flawless


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