Sunday, July 27, 2014


I'm thoroughly enjoying this journey called life, having clarity and being in the presence of just being alone.Recognizing and perfecting my gifts.

We need to take care of ourselves... More. not just physically but all aspects. 2015 will be here less than six months. All the money in the world, or even the benefit of reminding others through pictures or quotes on  a daily basis does not define our real life truths . I've experienced so much since my last blog December 2013, fascinated on the thinking of humankind. Learning more each day on acceptance, inner peace, and the politics of this place we call America. Taking the initiative to achieve what has been postponed for quite sometime, watching my two daughters grow and achieve greatness in their most challenging years as a young queen.

 All this might not make any sense but its pure simplicity. Happiness within itself. I will not title myself as a " Motivational writer" . that title has been gone for quite some time, I reference myself   just as a growing child of God, who just happens to write .An example for my children,  misunderstood at times, mysterious yet open passionate woman.  There are thousands of motivators, many writers, many speakers, I'm just Me. Do not  title me as a motivational writer, my book will be online/in stores with just a simple title : Young Soul; because I'm just like any other person who seeks and desires to gain a humble success and peace.

When Dr. Maya Angelou passed this summer, I  reflected on how she impacted my life as a young writer. My first cover on a newspaper was at the tender age of 14, at that age I also had the privilege to  hear Dr. Angelou speak, at that time she recited her poem Phenomenal Woman. Which became a poem I gradually began to study, and recite at family events. At that moment I knew I wanted to be far from ordinary. I always wanted to excel in being a passionate writer, a lover of the arts and  music. When I carried both of my daughters in my womb I made sure I read out loud to them, placed headphones around my belly cultivating significance at that moment. My whole life has been about my family and the love of  growing . . Traveling , being in the moment growing and maturing. the goal I have in the next years for myself and daughters is to continue doing just that. 

King and Queens : Be in the moment. be fascinated on LIFE  not people. LOVE who you're becoming. Understand the most empty people might have degrees, money, and still  no inner PEACE. Are you happy? can you take time to focus on your passion without distractions? Start the month of August 2014 without distractions.

Be Art.  Be Complexed

Peace MB

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