Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Makeup (unedited )

I love to learn,  excited for anything or anyone that I connect with.  I learn from it someway or another..

2014 .  wow... welcome 2015. I always get excited about the new year. I conquered; we all conquered our tests if you're able to read this. fact you already know about  me : I worship no one but Jesus Christ; I believe in Christ. I believe that he died for me and was risen. My spiritually world is based on those beliefs. I expressed that to say : I believe that everything we see in people, and everything that we might go through as a " whole" due to our choices, also the tests we are given can help us become what we NEED TO BE. The character of a person can be abstracted and contradicting;" all over the place" but not who they really are. Its like makeup.

 Everything that might appear that is true and honest sometimes ..isn't. So when people tell me I might have trust issues, I wouldn't call that trust issues. My father, who raised me to have standards, compassion and be yourself; also taught me not to trust people but God. OF COURSE I trust people to an extent. I trust a few people with my inspirations and goals. We all know a few people that we've  known for a very long time  that choose to  discuss our business and talked down about us. Once you understand the mind of a human being, once you realize people come and go, once you understand your support system is very small you will recognize people might not like you but God will always love you! .life is usually  way more PEACEFUL!

 I'm  making this part up : but I assume 60% of the people you associate yourself  might not really have your  best interest. Why do you think once a celebrity becomes famous usually their not around the same people when they were at the bottom?? struggling to get known ? people change! on both ends. I'm almost thirty- four years old , what I love about life  it keeps going in a positive light if we choose that path! I don't judge people.  Maybe that is why I have friends from all nationalities. I allow people to be who they are, and like them for who they are inside. This blog is from the heart. I know people I respect associate themselves with individuals who souls are not in place, might not even like me.. I laugh. Because I live by this: even  if I'm no longer speaking to someone from my past I never throw dirt  on speak on how  malicious and evil one once was. Secrets of the truth I take that to my grave; just how I operate!For the past eight  years of my life; I thank God sincerely for the gift of discernment. The gift of intuition. I take friendships and relationships seriously .I keep only a few close.

Makeup.. wipe it off..( men too ).  be yourself ,  stop trying to impress people who don't even cut you a check.

Peace and LOVE

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