Thursday, December 25, 2014

Honest (UNEDITED ) My Random Honest confessions

You know..

I love to be brutally honest. Excited for my memoir  this summer 2015. I 've been told  many times  "don't be too  personal in my blogs.". but ... why not ? you know how many emails I receive from readers on BlogSpot, that inspire me ???? I don't write as much on here like I once did . I'm a mother first. I have to be inspired usually, there are two different writers : I'm the writer that has to be inspired or I'll get what they call " writers block."

I will be honest. 

I 've never "felt" alone. I've been confused; not alone. I've never EVER walked around with a  jealous SPIRIT.(FACTS). I've been hurt. I feel like healing is something I constantly have to deal with . I feel ..  when I was eleven years old if my parents didn't make the decision to have me undergo open heart surgery; I wouldn't be present in the body right now. I honestly feel the reason I love the way I love is  because my heart is repaired and it only knows real love. seriously!Being a mother to a teenager now. She's thirteen. Faith made me stronger. Jada, my ten year old made me even stronger. My divorce back in 2007 made me wiser. Which defines why I'm a writer of relationships and spiritual growth.

Honestly. I just realized a couple days ago I'm a very free spirited person in everything I do on a daily basis. I rather smile than frown. Depression is something I've experienced ; and I do believe all of us experience this symptom. I was delivered from that, and since I was a young girl I love to smile and be positive, even around people who spit on me mentally.. Honest.

Lets be honest. 2015 stop surrounding yourself or finding yourself around people that lie all the time. When you lie so much it becomes transparent and everyone can see you're "trying " to hard. love yourself. Great example: 2014 I realized social media has taken over in the worst way ever. How were you before social media? For those who were smart enough and have NO social media at all. I applaud you. we live in a culture that doesn't recognize their OWN CULTURE. scary! honest..   take sometime this year to focus on your spirit and goals.

Sincerely A honest working Progress

Peace and love readers


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