Thursday, December 25, 2014


WOW . I've never  spoken publically through my blogs on how much I love AFRICA.

I've always loved any type of historical culture. History studies was one of my favorite courses growing up. I'm instantly intrigued on culture and languages. When I was about fourteen years old I remember my sister godmother was Spanish; who I still admire as an adult.She spoke Spanish   and made plantains all throughout my youth , At that moment I was in awe.

I believe people are divided. When God made earth he purposely created us to be different. which is awesome. Now that we have lived for centuries.. we do gain stereotypes, due to our actions. which in situations sadly is true.  However not every stereotype is currently accurate. Unfortunately, we live in a world that  makes their decision based only on stereotypes, and what their parents and elders say.

Thank GOD my family judge people on how they treat other people not on stereotypes, and  never once did my parents raise me to define people  based on
that. Now honestly, things we might witness are factual, which makes us DIVIDED. But other times is totally wrong.

The fact is educate yourself KEYWORD : YOURSELF. In college I spend a lot of time taking American/ and African studies. Fast forward to 2008 I was introduced to many cultures, not just Africa. What I learned? FAMILY. Naturally, I'm a family- oriented person, so instantly I was fascinated on how family is everything, even  if you're not blood - related. I loved that . I've made life long friends from Africa, my children are impacted and learn daily due to Africa.

I believe as an Black American parent you should teach your children about Africa. The world is a big place. Parents should allow their children to read books and analyze the truths on culture, religion and how people live . I believe Americans sometimes only live in a box sometimes, no pun attended, not allowing their children to open up their minds, until their off in college. Which in my opinion is  unhealthy mentally.Vice versa , other cultures and nationalities need to understand people from America. I've heard it all! Get to know someone, not every black woman is loud , aggressive, and bitter and a single uneducated parent. YES! I'm a divorce mother . But black American women are strong, and very independent , we do not put up with pain for too long, we rather do it ourselves. Same as African women, but I respect them because they are strong and beautifully unique physically and mentally. One of my closest friends is African and she defines just that! Africa. a place where its not just what people see in the commercials in America. Africa ...  a beautiful land.. A continent with great food music beautiful people, and I haven't kissed the land yet. But soon! Both of my grandfathers provided me wisdom from their trips from back in the day.

2015 :

Live, learn. and respect each other. Life will show you how beautiful we all are.

Peace and Love

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