Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fact Is...

Warning :  This particular blog  is very "random" for some readers. 

I have not posted a blog in awhile. I've used all my energy on being a mom ,and creatively growing.

I reviewed my past blogs and it seems I always post a blog the end of the year, reflecting on the accomplishments and downfalls we all endure. I could bore you with my personal trials and revelations, but I wouldn't dare. :)

I am in peace. I  always use my personal storms as lessons learned. My trials have honestly given me the creative space I need to gain more knowledge on people, and life itself. I've been struggling for years to find my creative space and accomplish my goals. I do not blame anyone, I do realize however I once surrounded myself for many years with bad energy.

Well...2016 is very near, two more weeks as I type. The fact is I am the most happiest when I see other people happy. I  love to laugh, I choose to surround myself in environments full of sincere people. At times difficult to connect with  people with honest hearts .2016 taught me that the closer I am to Christ , the closer I am to peace. The closer I am to praying for what he desires for me to have , the closer I am to grace. The closer I am to reaching what is destined for me , the closer I understand I am not in control but God is.

Fact is , I am FINALLY comfortable in my own skin and finally respect who I am and what I am without any apologies. Examples: I cried the most the year 2007 and 2013. I remember those tears: long sleepless nights,full of guilt, full of pain, full of sadness. Leading to deep dark depression; many times over things that were not in my control. Now in the present, I am in peace. Fact is .. I've always naturally been a laid back individual . (That can be good for some and bad for others ).. Funny,when I converse with my  male friends they believe I am this strong woman, "without emotions". Which is not true at all. I'm very emotional and open with my feelings. I am a true social butterfly, however love my space and privacy .I'm opposite of what people see when they first meet me. I've always been misunderstood , and reality is  I don't mind being a  mystery.I'm the woman who will randomly call you and say " You want to attend this concert ?",  just because your energy is one of a kind. " You want  to attend my church service? " just because I think you wouldn't mind. This day of age , people are afraid of kind hearted people, they prejudge you ,and the fact is they cant handle certain spirits. Fact is 2015 taught me how defensive we all are, how people are easily influenced.

Sadly, 2015 taught me a few things ;that racism is very much alive, people intentions are not always what you believe them to be. Many people are attention seekers! Ive learned people are very self absorbed . Alot of us lack love and self discipline too ! 2015 taught  me that life is short, and saying "I love you" are just words but action really truly means everything.

I will enter 2016 with happiness, each day I wake up, I am happy for waking up. I can conclude that happiness is within you.What is for you, will be.

Fact is,  " Still I rise  I rise, I rise, I rise" - Maya Angelou

Peace MB

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