Saturday, February 20, 2016


 I was researching the meaning of the  numeral thirty-five. Thirty -five equal CHANGE. what I 've learned about myself all my thirty five years? what keeps me youthful ? First and foremost; prayer  keeps me focused. I love to have my intimate relationship with Christ, I love the relationship I have with MY  God, which is Jesus Christ. I am firm believer and proud. 

I am happy to share several ways my faith and youthful spirit is strong :

Number 1 ....

1. I do my best not worry ...anymore. Naturally I have always  worried about things and people in my life. For years, I would really just "think " too much. Worrying is actually a sin. How can I define myself a believer in Christ, yet a worrier?  Impossible.

2. I simply Drink LOTS of water ! I love water. I try to drink  8 glasses a day

3.I love to rest. I take time to rest my mind and body and I do believe in NAPS.

4. I LOVE spa baths I use Epsom  salt, and try to relax my whole entire body at least once or twice a week.

5. Facials- I Believe its important to do your own personal facials once a week.

6. I spend  time with family OFTEN. I love being around family. Even if you're not close with your family, be around people who love to see you grow. Try to make one day all about them.

7. I LOVE alone time . If you're married or even single. It is great to take a break from the world.
just doing nothing, or simply doing something active.

8. I've personally learned that people come and GO. but true friends NEVER leave. People might sincerely not care for you as much you assume, and that is OK. life happens, some people just simply grow apart! However  the  people that matter will always be there until you're old and grey .

9. I have learned that DEATH will happen for every individual, and you cannot run away from it.That is why its important to have a relationship with Christ. Even if you fear going to a church due to a past experience.  You might not even title yourself  a Christian but understand that we are not here on earth forever-

10.I have learned being a mother is my first job. Sometimes I doubt myself  and wonder how I will take care of two girls who are growing so fast! But the reality is I have an awesome family, lots of support. Their father has always been present and active and we have grown to co parent and still respect each other. Being a mother can be overwhelming for any mother, married or single. It is a true blessing.

11. Getting up and working for someone else isn't my cup of tea. I'm naturally a person who loves to travel, and stay active. I love my  freedom and own schedule, however life is life. I have learned in order to reach your goals you simply must work towards them. Even if it means working long hours, and making sure you truly invest your money. Being lazy are for those who do not see end result, with no vision, or dreams. Some people are satisfied working a nine to five, yes I am blessed to get up and work. But what are we working on? I have learned, WE are more than our nine to five.

12. Lastly, Love is God.  My  experiences in relationships have always  been long term but not LASTING.  I guess God has something designed for me that I can't see yet. I am ok with that! If I wanted to settle I could ! Money doesn't make a real woman happy, what makes a real woman happy is loyalty, and someone that sees the best in her and helps her grow! God has a plan for  me, I am still in my prime.. wink*

Happy Birthday to Me 02/26


  1. This is beautiful I can relate to this most definitely; being a mom, loving God and trying to stay healthy!!

  2. This is beautiful I can relate to this most definitely; being a mom, loving God and trying to stay healthy!!