Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Epiphany -  Is an experience of sudden and striking realization.

We all are sidetrack, some more than  others. Many of  us have several degrees, families, live a lifestyle of no worries. Others live day by day hopeful for change, and taking it day by day. Just getting by!

Life is not easy. Life is an experiment. Science. We mix our issues together, and see the results as life goes by. As we age. In five years it's possible the result is a standstill and nothing accomplished but "what ifs" and " maybes". The society we now live in consist of us unintentionally  at times, allowing others in our world on a daily basis -easily distracted. Seeking some type of validation and acceptance. Becoming so consumed on the whereabouts and faces of others that we lose sidetrack on the beauty of life.

The truth is we have billionaires that  strategically make up tools and websites that only lead people to not cherish life itself fully.Yes, we all travel, work , some of us raise families, and others  have  responsibility  just  taking care of themselves. Either way I have concluded that we all should analyze our actions and become more  cautious on the energy we send out to our peers.

I have been in fault for years, love pictures, and sharing what I choose to share to the public eye. In most cases, I choose to keep things between my inner circle and myself. I have suddenly had the most amazing epiphany that as time passes, so do people. Who are we acknowledging ? who cares? Why do we spend hours at airports, home and even in our office viewing repetitive and sometimes quite annoying posts or pictures/videos from those we might know or never met? Not all of us, their are those who  might never share a word or an image, but obsessively log on  varies websites on a daily basis. - wasting time.

Adults have become teenagers, they pay mortgage, have various incomes, whatever the desires of man we all have and  the luxury to do what we want when we want. However sometimes tend to be struck in a time zone flashback ,consistently being overbearing and have no control on our actions . I only feel the need to speak on this particular topic to wake up my readers. Let us take the time to understand life is beautiful! Let us enjoy the moments as if it was twenty years ago or maybe even five! Not allowing us to become trapped in the "new technology"  mind-frame that we need a response or share every moment of our lives.

We should not allow ourselves to become so open about our personal activities, that it gives the public (family or friends) display of our every move, or even a move at all !  We all are made of flesh,  but spiritually we all need to be more connected; not of the world but lead by example for the world.  I will no longer personally have numerous of tools, apps on my personal device.  I refuse to  have a thought in my mind that ask when I  scroll and question " why did they post that? ", " do we need to know all of that? " " didn't they just post five minutes ago" , " who cares ?"  " are they seeking attention ?" " are they lonely" ? " shut up" " "their doing too much ! ", " did they need to let us know that?" " are they that insecure we need to know all their business?" "who are they competing with "?  ... I could go on and on. Thoughts or questions that no one should even have on their mind. It would never be on our minds if we all  just clear our minds, and enjoy the fruits of life without the billion- dollar business consuming our time. Creating a successful industry even those who  hate social websites create one and become attached to the world of apps!

Life is designed to make  memories for only you and the people who cherish YOU the most - 

Peace and Light


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