Monday, April 11, 2011

The Lost Ones- Forgive them Father

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It's funny how money change a situation Miscommunication leads to complication My emancipation don't fit your equation..I was on the humble, you - on every station
Some wan' play young "Miya " like she dumb
But remember not a game new under the sun
Everything you did has already been done - Lost one Lauryn hill

Me Myself and I.. All  I have is my soul, my spiritual mind, my heart. My heart should be bleeding out right now, its been stomped on Many times in my life. Since I believe in the Most High, Which is Jesus Christ, I humbly take my hurt, anger and prayerfully  stand still. I'm not a bitter woman, more yet a breath of fresh air,
when I wake up, and look in the mirror I see strength, an unpredictable person, a very wise spirit. Clueless I would say , Don't ask me my plans for tomorrow, I don't even know. I see people for who they really are, and keep a smile on my face. I believe that people are what they are ..people. Funny I would say, yes funny characters. I fear no man, and trust no one. meaning , the tongue of a man doesn't surprise me, the greed of a man doesn't shock me, the fake smile of a man doesn't sadden me. many followers I witness and see daily. Forgive them father, for they don't know any better. - Miya

It took me a little while to discover
Wolves in sheep coats who pretend to be lovers
Men who lack conscience will even lie to themselves, to themselves
A friend once said, and I found to be true
That everyday people, they lie to God too
So what makes you think, that they won't lie to you
Forgive them father for they know not what they do
Forgive them, forgive them
Forgive them father for they know not what they do
Forgive them, forgive them -Lauryn Hill 

peace and love


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