Sunday, May 15, 2011

Im The Magnificent

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I havent blogged in a while. So let me enlighten you with a new blog . yay! I pray everyone is well,
healthy and focused on your true desires. Im truly inspired these days by music strictly on early 90s. inspired by faith and jada of course, and the fact their getting older, truly motivates me as a person. Im extra excited what this summer/fall  2011 brings for my family and I. I recently found out I will become a new Aunt. weddings, travels, and good opportunites this whole summer. Positive positive and more positivity influences me, also allows me to live a stress free life. how we think, is how we act.
Instead of being negative, and stress or even entertain negative people. I vent about it to close
family members and friends, and let it go. Im not blinded by certain actions of people. Im only deaf
too it. I see you, but dont hear you. "me dont speak no english." I feel all strong individuals should treat anyone that is negative like this. Pray for them, and keep it movin.
This whole month of May, I have been driven,  and quite aggresive on preparing for my whole summer. Overwhelmed at times, by whats in front of me. I find I work well under pressure.Ive also been hurt, and in awe still of the people Ive lost  this past year.
By the way, Dating sucks. Remember my last blog?? well all my blogs speak on relationships. I already know , but now I really UNDERSTAND i get bored very quickly.Attraction is a big plus for me. Attraction not just physically. conversation, motivation. some Drive. I find many single men, mentality umm somewhat of  21 year old... Im like man  I could of stayed with my EX!

I live in Dallas, Texas. ( No Disrespect )Quite rare you find yourself dating someone, who doesnt know someone you know. TURN OFF. All in all, satisfaction in ALL areas has to be met. Did I mention Im NOT picky? Im not " thirsty" defining seeking for attention, insecure, moneyhungry, or low self esteem. Im fit more of the definition of  " knowing what she needs." If I was any of these characteristics I could easily be with someone, and unhappy. " I just choose  not
to settle for less. Having a boyfriend would be wonderful, trust me Im not rushing for that. ME ME AND ME. ALL ABOUT equal faith and jada. me equal growing and manifesting. me equal spiritually enrichment , me equal meaning financially making Great money  and Doing More. Me equal being MAGNIFICENT.


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