Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I truly think I cried my last Cry.. ummm last week sometime ! No No seriously, I'm only human. I'm only a woman. My focus is driven, the only person who honestly can relate to my dreams, inspirations, goals is Teneale. When we speak its random conversations, our deepest desires, eye to eye, vision to vision. Ill never forget when we met at the bus station in Los Angeles, both great writers, I was a younger writer, teneale more advanced. When I think back about where I am now artistically , I'm more driven, but maybe because I'm getting older, not sure what it is. Spontaneously I'm ready to venture out, I'm honestly ready to move out of Texas. I'm patiently waiting for whatever that is presented to me, that is just for me. The direction I'm taking is strictly by Faith. Faith and a vision. I clearly see it, than ever before. But I'm standing still.Not even knowing what the direction I should take, or when I will take it. Its summer 2011, I have accomplished little within the past two years honestly. Selfishly being so involved with your desires, is a Great thing, when you are focused on your paths, blocking people, dismissing negativity, even allowing yourself to break from  certain things, people and situations.

I have been blessed to have many friends from all over. different visions, different lifestyles. The closest people to my heart are my motivators. I seek God for preparation, I also seek guidance by my mother. Every night I've had dreams I remember, raising two growing girls, I have to lead by example. Its not as hard as one might say, Being a mother, is hard but enjoyable.They watch my every move, ask several  questions. When I look in the mirror I tend to recognize that growth and happiness is still unfulfilled fully. I have always been a very confident secure woman, being raised by a woman who instilled that in me, I have never question myself, and humbly have a great personality. I now understand that's why people love to be around me. I'm not rich, I'm not materialistic, arrogant, self centered, insecure, lost. I'm just Miya. I pray that God uses me, I'm  optimistic on my near future, I do fear on what lies ahead. I believe in myself.


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