Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TSURT.. Backwards or forwards, I still Dont

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I have quite an issue.. don't we all? Either people suffer from depression, loneliness, security, battle their faith, some kind of addiction. EVERYONE has something that their working On. I'm working on Trust, well not really. I 've made assumptions due to lack of trust, I have totally ended relationships due to my observation and patterns of an individual. My biggest turn off is an insecure person, who  takes their insecurities and covers up with what I call - fake happiness. When All they really need to do, is recognize their insecurities, and try to build up their happiness within themselves by simply using all the tools to make a
healthy lifestyle. Trust is a word - Not an option for me and another person. Of course, you might read this and say " well miya you have to trust someone to an extent ". TRUE! but If I provided my stories of unloyalty, it will only bring tears as I write and share my blog with you beautiful people. My father told me years ago. Trust No One. I'm sure he meant just be careful daughter, be wise with decisions and people. Don't give your All to one person and trust they will always be there. Trust only in God. I shall continue to do this, I don't believe it will block any blessings simply because I'm quite a friendly person. I'm just smarter than One Might Perceive. .But I'm grateful for those that I can say I trust.. to an extent. ...

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