Monday, July 11, 2011


Everything in my life is working in full circle, while I could provide you detailed information on my every move . that's not quite my style, yes I entertain even motivate on  and how I overcame my past, and struggles. Which has  made me strong. And of course would you really want too know ?? or care?   Sorry its been a minute since I've blogged. I sincerely adore you guys, for following me on my blogs. It shows me  one, you like to read. Two, you' re growing just like I'm growing :) I love it.  

Currently , God has blessed me in so many ways, when i say current. He blesses me EVERYDAY. but this is special. I thank him for putting people in my life that motivates me in so many ways. Grateful for an awesome Business Partner. I've done many things in my life.some  bad and  mostly good. :)  I'm excited to start this adventure of  success.I pray that God continues to use me. in every way.  

My Love life? - one word :  beautiful. I'm an African American woman that is quite  unique,. complicated,  mysterious, sociable, and different . I already know this my  mama told me so. I love culture, traveling , and several things, as like anyone with strong passions and eccentric ways . Everyone will not like Me!  and  their not meant too .Everyone cant understand my lifestyle, and  my mind. I'm OK with this. As long as my daughters aka Lil Queens are OK. I'm OK. as long as they smile I smile. As long as their education is excelling I'm OK  :) Eight years from now  my oldest child will be graduating and I'll still be fine and in my 30s :)  Excuse me this blog is personal and all over the place. So I don't apologize.

I pray everyone is well.  I'm well. But this country isn't its a mess!!!!!!!! pray for our President, pray for world peace. In the meantime, Do what you love ,whatever your passion , desires, dreams are. I'm a witness that if you pray , you will succeed on whatever you Want to do in life.   Now watch me work - because

GIRLS RUN IT  - --QUEENS RUN THE WORLD *  now check my resume too the Right :)it will continue... 

peace and love

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