Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Career = Bright Future

Well well, Im more expressive writing, Im also very expressive face to face. phone conversations do me
no justice. lol i talk very fast (the city girl in me) and better eye to eye contact and a pen and pad.. However Im also very good at stating my Point, thanks to Speech and Debate back in High School, I  always won competitions , and well my mother is an excellent speaker. Go figure.

I mention my family often, because their my biggest supporters, my voice, my reason for being so positive. Ive been faced with many struggles but because of family I always seem to be lifted up with positive thoughts and, my head up held high.

I had the lovely chance to speak with my mom tonight she knows me so well I just said " mom whata up " .. where am i going" ..no  real introduction of the call, she had no clue my day was long and disappointing.. she quickly replied " up " .. ... "You're reaching to your success your desires babygirl". i laughed .. and i said  "good good love you goodnight". funny, both of us arent really " phone " people. If i call you its usually a reason, i speak to only a few of my dear friends for a while on the phone. but it was cute and reassurance my life is headed  only the right direction.

Im the leader of my own choices, Destined for only the best outcome, striving to never say I shoulda coulda.. still finding my way in this Dark selfish World. Full of greed. Evil human beings past  me everyday. Guard my heart, use my mind, daily on my grind. day dream than wake by reality that all i have is Me. Understanding Corporate America could be my damn "America " a ruler of my own power and making my own Money, and giving back not taking back, being blessed so my two daughters will NEVER have to want for anything, keeping my eye on the prize.  yup

peace and love - mb

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