Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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A Challenge

I love Challenges. All my life I have been challenged in my personal life, but of course
By my own choices. I quietly laugh at the fact I’m so darn difficult. Hmm I’ve always
Been linked or interested in the “bad boy”... not the one in the suit, don’t get
It twisted I do like an educated brother, I’ve always dated someone that was
Very intelligent, however very ruff around the edges, you can define that how
You like.

I’m a very feisty individual; the best friend a friend could have... the best girlfriend
A man could have. Loyalty and respect I can honestly say defines my Character.
Failed relationships define my current status... funny I know.  Marriage did it.
Long term relationship. Done it. Sigh... you know when I was a young queen
I prayed on my knees at night for a wonderful husband, a family, that’s what
I saw growing up, so of course I always wanted that.

I had it for a while, just well not as happy as I vision. I notice a lot of
Smart, beautiful women are single and unhappy. .. Hmm... Unhappy I would
Say I’m not unhappy... just wanting better, Having very few I choose to date, and allow in my life. .Maybe its men I attract... or because I haven’t consistently prayed about my
King like I should. At the end of the night, I lay in my very comfortable
Bed and sleep Good at night, knowing my worth, understanding my time
Is important, my soul is loving, my smile is beautiful, my waist, hips thighs
Are just as beautiful as the next woman, confidence instilled from the woman
Who raised me. I love the “beauty Marks” on my face, my slanted eyes, and the small
Gap between my teeth, yes yes I love it all...  I  even love my big hands, all my flaws that make me. Miya.

 I love me. That’s all that matters.

God loves me more

Till than... I guess his lost. J

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